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...the healing journey

So I have this theory…

We are complex individuals. Actually, the word complex is not quite complex enough to describe the different layers of us. Our layers are boundless and endless and trying to fully and completely understand ourselves can be damn near impossible. I have always wondered, why do we even bother? Why is getting to know ourselves important?

What I’ve come to realize in forty-one years of living, is that when we exist in a world never fully knowing who we are, we create our lives based on the blueprint that has been given to us, and not one of our own design. Imagine an architect designing a building without the understanding of the foundation they’re building on, the surrounding buildings in that area, the weather in that particular area, or the people that will occupy the building.

These are all factors that contribute to the success and use of the building.

We are very much like that...

If we never understand who we are, how we are, why we are, and where we are, the decisions that we make for ourselves can either be congruent to who we are and what we need, or NOT.

So, here’s my theory.

I think that when we are born, we all come into this world as perfectly round circles, no indentations, no bumps, no crooked lines, just perfect smooth circles. For the most part, we are identical, not physically, but emotionally and mentally.

We are clean, bare slates, then a doctor slaps their hands on our ass, at least that’s the story... and our interaction with the world begins.

I’m sure that slap doesn’t mean the same to each individual person, some might have the angry thought of “how dare you introduce me to this world this way?”, some might have a thought of gratitude, “thank you human, I would not have been able to breathe without that slap”, or some might have a thought of pleasure, “ooh my goodness doctor do it again”. Whatever the reaction, there was a reaction, and a perspective, and a thought, and a feeling, and our circles began to take shape. Life begins to happen to us all, filled with rows and rows of first times and first experiences.

The first time someone smiles at you, and your first time smiling at someone, your first fall, your first get back up, your first fight, and the very first time you learn to fight back, the first time your heart flutters, or the first time you experience real connection.

We are entangled in first, and seconds and thirds, and we never really take the time to think of how we are being shaped, or the layers that we are acquiring. We just know we are required to live, whatever that means to us as an individual.

So that’s what we do, we live… and we punch walls, and we scream, and we love, and laugh so hard we cry real tears, and when we break, our heart stops for a second just to help us catch up. And every day we take breaths in and out, and through it all, we become damaged. Our circles are ripped and torn, those smooth edges become jagged, and the smooth surfaces are indented with permanency, and we find ourselves lost, uncomfortable in our own skin. I think we try to figure it out, we ask ourselves, “how did I get here?”. I think we try to uncover the layers, identify the pieces of the puzzle that created this disoriented picture but honestly, I’m not sure we ever really get the full complete picture of what happened. We were never really taught to pay that much attention to it or given the warning that life would require us to document its corruption. So we are kinda left with this mystery that is ourselves, and the task is to unravel us, to understand us… to love us.

The Healing Journey is about bringing us back to us..

The Healing Journey begins with one pivotal acknowledgment… you have to first admit that healing is needed. In my opinion this will probably be the hardest step you will ever take on this journey.

The #GIRLGOHEAL 5 Stages of Healing begins with Authenticity.

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