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...the healing journey

So I have this theory…

We are complex individuals. Actually, the word complex is not quite complex enough to describe the different layers of us. Our layers are boundless and endless and trying to fully and completely understand ourselves can be damn near impossible. I have always wondered, why do we even bother? Why is getting to know ourselves important?

What I’ve come to realize in forty-one years of living, is that when we exist in a world never fully knowing who we are, we create our lives based on the blueprint that has been given to us, and not one of our own design. Imagine an architect designing a building without the understanding of the foundation they’re building on, the surrounding buildings in that area, the weather in that particular area, or the people that will occupy the building.

These are all factors that contribute to the success and use of the building.

We are very much like that...

If we never understand who we are, how we are, why we are, and where we are, the decisions that we make for ourselves can either be congruent to who we are and what we need, or NOT.