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How Do I Book An Appointment?


For those, who know what you need and are ready to get started on your Healing Journey, go to the Services tab to check out the different services and book your session.

What Are Your Fees?

Fees are associated with the services provided. 

Visit the Service Page, and click the service you are interested in.  This will provide you more information on the price of that service.

What Is the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

The techniques and overall goal of counseling and coaching do overlap.  Many believe that counseling focuses more on the past while coaching is focused more on goal accomplishments and the future.  My education is in counseling and my training is in coaching, so I incorporate both strategies in my service, which I believe makes me more efficient and unique.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

If you are interested in my coaching services, you can reach out through the Contact page.  Once I receive your inquiry, I will send you a calendar invite to schedule your 15 Min Consultation.

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