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My Story

How My Pain Became My Purpose

I felt INVISIBLE.. but that's not how it appeared from the outside. 

I appeared strong, capable, charismatic.. all the attributes of a well put together woman. 

I carried that societal expectation well.. 

"I must appear perfect, I must appear well put together, I must appear adequate".  

This was quite unfortunate because on the inside I felt nothing but inadequate, I felt small..

I simply felt UNSEEN & UNHEARD.


Those feelings followed me throughout my young adult years and led me to make some questionable decisions in my life. 

When you feel invisible, you have the tendency to treat yourself as such. 

You don't demand the love you deserve, or the recognition you deserve, and you allow your life to be created by others... you never truly acknowledge your own POWER... and this was my truth.


What I identified through an intense journey of healing was that the goal should not be PERFECTION, the goal should be AUTHENTICITY.  

I learned that when I allowed myself to sit in my truth, sit in my shit is what I call it, that is when I was able to


My passion and purpose grew from this journey..

I now understand that my authenticity and willingness to be transparent is the greatest gift I could ever give another woman.


I knew a lot of women felt this way.. they felt the inadequacy and the need to appear perfect.. the need to project to the world that they had it all together.  I knew through of safe space of authenticity and transparency, we (women) could learn to evolve together.  I wanted to create a space where women could just be women (flaws and all)... so Healing With My Homegirls was born. 

We support one another, love one another, but most importantly empower one another. 


To live a life .. is to have a story...

To help a life.. is to share that story...

So What Is Your Story?

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