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...the revelation

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

..she had a moment ..sunny days were meant to be this way.. sitting with her best friend listening to the voice of Jill Scott resonating through the stadium. The energy was electric in the air, people singing from the tips of their toes, swept up into the powerful vibes of Jill.

She sat with anticipation waiting on Jill to transition to her favorite song "He Loves Me".. it was her anthem. That song on so many levels personified how she had dreamed to be loved one day.. to her that song was magic in rhythm and verse. The energy eventually died down as Jill wrapped up her session. She bowed and said her thank yous.. and I love yous.. and exited the stage.

She felt her heart sink.. the energy was real but without her song she hadn't felt the magic. She and her best friend locked eyes and with a sad disposition, "maybe next time", her best friend whispered. She looked towards the sky and thought to herself.. "I'm always waiting for next time"..

Once the acceptance sunk in, she lifted her head and a slight breeze ran across her back. It was the kind of breeze that brings relief..a breath of fresh air. From afar she heard the soft sound of a piano begin.. that piano rhythm was so familiar, gave her goosebumps.. she instantly turned towards the stage and there standing in a flowing black bohemian gown was non other than Jill. Her voice descended into an operatic note as it flowed and swayed with the piano.. her black gown in full agreement with the sway... "he loves me" Jill sang. She lifted her head and closed her eyes. She let the words bathe her, engulf her, as she surrendered to the magic.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she let herself fall into Jill's words.. "you're different and special.. in every way imaginable.. you love me from my hair follicles to my toenails, you got me feeling like the breeze, easy and free and lovely and new.. oh when you touch me I just can't control it.. when you touch me I just can't hold it.. the emotion inside of me.. I can feel it"...

At that very moment, she knew more than she had ever known anything in her life that the magic she felt at that very moment was what she wanted her "love" to feel like! ...there was no substitute or alternative ..she wanted and deserved a love that would descend her above grief, doubt, resentment..agony.

She wanted a love that was rooted in truth, freedom, desire undeniable Love..

As Jill's voice lowered.. you could hear a pin drop in the stadium ..everyone listening to their beating hearts speaking to them ..everyone all on one heavenly accord.

As she opened her eyes.. tears dried on her face, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that magic was bestowed in her ..therefore magic was what she believed in ..and nothing less would do!

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