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Keynote Topics Include:

  • Who Are You? Women & Identity

  • So You Want To Be Married? The Truth About Being a Wife

  • Removing the Mask.. How to Acquire Authenticity... Not Perfection

  • Healing & Self Love! Creating Your Self Love Contract

  • Creating Your Masterpiece: Your Wants, Your Needs, Your Desires!

  • HEALING... What is it?



Transformatively. Authentically. Transparently

With over 20 years in Human Resources, I have been presenting for most of my career; topics of Professional Development, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, and Improving Interpersonal Skills and Relationships.

HR is a form of Psychology, in which you are always in a role of helping others see further than their own experiences, with the use of transparency, reflection, and empowerment. 

As a Life & Healing Coach, I bring that same energy.  Through my own life stories, I create relatable content that women can identify with as well as content that is eye opening and insightful. 

My overall goal is to create safe spaces for women to be women, where the center is not me ...but the Empowerment of You!  Only through removing the mask can we really get to the root of our challenges, and find ways to become a better version of ourselves. 

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