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alone.... or lonely?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Alone or lonely.. quite a conundrum of two words considering we as women have somehow had to justify our reasons for both.

“Now are you alone, or are you lonely?”

They ask, sarcastic like, big eyes and judgmental eyebrows peering down into your soul.

Why are we in 2018, a year that women have gained so much empowerment, still find ourselves in situations where we are having to define which is better and why... being alone or being lonely.

So let’s just step back a minute to look at this from a broader perspective, who really gives a fuck whether you are lonely or alone.. Really why should it matter? The choice to be alone.. the feeling of being lonely is just that, a choice, made by that person in that situation based on the feelings of that person. Why should they have to justify that choice to anybody, ….let alone sarcastic like big eyes, and judgmental eyebrows.