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Healing With My Homegirls

Group Coaching

When you embark on the healing journey, one characteristic of the process that is very distinct is that it can be a very lonely journey.  You are changing yourself and your life from the inside out, which a lot of people will not understand, nor identify with. 

By engaging in The Healing With My Homegirls Group Coaching it will provide you with the support from those who identify with your journey and your process.

If you are interested in joining one of these amazing sessions, click the button below and let the HEALING BEGIN!

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Feb 2nd, 2022 - Apr 27, 2022

What A Way To Start The Year!

At the end of each year is usually when we go into reflection mode; we reflect over how the year has been, the ups and downs, and what contributed to each.  We start making plans on how to improve our lives and ourselves, and many of us find that our road to improvement requires a little more assistance and a lot HEALING!  If you are finding this to be your story...

Healing With My Homegirls is the place for you

The Healing With My Homegirls Group Coaching is all in its name, it is a place to heal among other women who are enduring the same process.  Start your year off with a plan in place and a great support group to match! 

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