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A Holistic Healing Space

Welcome to #GIRLGOHEAL!

where self-discovery, self-love, and self-empowerment are at the core of our philosophy.


I specialize in helping women achieve their full potential by fostering a deeper understanding of themselves.


Through personalized coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and online resources, I aim to empower women to transform their lives from the inside out.


If you're ready to start your journey to a more fulfilling and authentic life...



Meet Life Coach Niki

Your Life & Healing Coach

Hi! My name is Niki and I have been a Life & Healing Coach for over 10 years. I started this quest with the goal of becoming a Counselor. I obtained my BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling Psychology, and then during my Internship, I had a very insightful epiphany.  I realized that most of my clients, which were women, were seeking counseling due to current or unresolved trauma. 


As painful as that realization was for me, being a woman myself, realizing that trauma was such a common experience among women, it also created my purpose. This purpose led me to become a Life Coach that specialized in Healing.  Due to experiencing my own trauma, I realized that through my own transparency and education, I could actually help women in this area. 


How we exist in our everyday lives is a direct reflection of the experiences we have had and the trauma we have endured.  What I do as a Life & Healing Coach is Empower You to take control and build your OWN LIFE, not based on your trauma, but your actual wants, needs, and desires.

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At the beginning of my healing journey, I came across this poem that changed my life.
It stated.... 
"healing looks like crying and cleansing. and crying, and processing, and crying.  and confusion, and more confusion.  and loving on self.  and silence.  and putting the pieces back together.  and hope.  healing looks like hope" - Anisah Amat

In my experience, that quote is the epitome of the healing journey....  a whole lot of crying, confusion, learning to love yourself, and being okay in silence.  You learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable... and through that you start to put your broken pieces back together.
Sometimes you decide to throw the whole plan or person away and build yourself from scratch.

With courage and authenticity, this journey is the best journey you will ever take.
It just might save your life or something...

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